A really dumbo concept

PHITSANULOKE: A drunk was left with crucial head injuries after being slammed right into a tree by an elephant he was teasing. The unlucky event transpired on the morning of January 17. A crowd of curious villagers had gathered close to the entrance to Wat Muang Hawm (“Temple of the Fragrant Mango”) in Tambon Kaengsopha, Wangthong District, to see an elephant that had been chained by his mahout to a bodhi tree. The elephant, a 15-year-old male named Plai Bodhi-ngen, was to carry out in an elephant present later that day. He was also certainly one of two elephants beneath the care of mahout Pramote Pomsuwan, fifty five. K. Pramote, employed by the Chaiyaphum-based Bodhirat traveling elephant show, had left the other elephant chained to a tree near a stream about two kilometers away. The crowd, including the temple abbot, was standing around admiring the elephant when local resident Sai Thammaku, fifty nine, stepped as a lot as the beast. Despite the early morning hour, K. Sai was drunk and began hugging the elephant’s trunk. When the crowd warned him to watch out, he bragged that it was no problem, as a end result of he was an old and skilled mahout. He additionally said he had stolen many elephants in his time, selling them for revenue. To show that he had no fear of the elephant, he knocked exhausting on Plai Bodhi-ngen’s trunk. The pachyderm, angered by K. Sai’s knocking, shook his trunk exhausting, sending the drunken ex-mahout to the bottom. But the elephant didn’t stop there. He then wrapped his trunk round Sai’s waist, picked him up like a rag doll and threw him in opposition to the tree. Clear pierced K. Sai’s mouth, leaving a gash that ripped open his face and prolonged all the way to the again of his cranium Hearing screams, Plai Bodhi-ngen’s mahout, K. Pramote, rushed again to calm the enraged beast earlier than calling the police to report the assault. K. Sai was rushed to nearby Wangthong Hospital and eventually transferred to the better-equipped Buddhachinaraj Hospital in Phitsanuloke’s Muang District. K. Pramote mentioned that Plai Bodhi-ngen had never earlier than attacked a human, which w

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