Aussie dad gets into fistfight with monkeys on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand (video)

An Australian dad got into a fistfight with a gang of monkeys on a Thailand seashore after they attacked his one 12 months old son. No pistols at dawn adopted nevertheless it got quite feisty.
Riley Whitelum and his spouse Elayna Carausu, along with their two sons, have been on the Ko Phi Phi Islands when the incident occurred. While stress-free on the seashore, one monkey attacked their toddler while the others rifled through their bag.
Riley managed to rescue his son, Darwin, but not earlier than sustaining injuries from the monkeys’ bites and scratches. The household subsequently required pictures for tetanus and rabies, reported the Daily Mail.
The couple attempted to attract the monkeys earlier within the day for their sons to observe but failed. They returned to the seaside at sunset, the place they noticed the animals. When Riley approached the group, the monkeys headed toward their bag, which contained essential gadgets such as cash, passports, telephones, and wallets. One of the monkeys lunged at Riley and his toddler son when he attempted to retrieve their belongings. Riley quickly grabbed his son, then got into a fistfight, punching one of many monkeys to frighten the remaining away.
Elayna, who was snorkelling at the time, was unaware of the ordeal till after the fracas.
The 38 yr outdated dad of two informed his 29 12 months old wife…
“I’ve been in a punch-up with a dozen monkeys.
“I really feel bad for punching a monkey, however they went for Darwin, it was scary. None of the folks on the seashore helped.”

Riley (left) and Elayna (right) in drama-free occasions with climate activist Greta Thunburg.
The couple then visited a close-by city to obtain rabies photographs, with Riley fainting from the painful injection. They had been informed by the docs that they see a minimum of two folks a day to deal with them for monkey bites.
Riley and Elayna quit their jobs 9 years ago, shortly after assembly, to travel the world by boat, regardless of having no prior sailing experience.
Their journey has been fraught with danger, including encounters with pirates and illnesses. They fund their enterprise through YouTube advertising and the crowdfunding platform Patreon, where fans can pledge anywhere from US$1 to US$100 per month to help their travels. Cringeworthy goes in the course of boat upkeep and new filming gear, with the couple sourcing most of their meals from the waters beneath them.
While tensions can build living in such shut quarters, Elayna maintains that their YouTube subscribers aren’t funding a lavish life-style, however rather supporting their capability to continue producing high-quality content whereas sustaining their travels. Despite the danger and occasional heated arguments, the couple claims to have loved a whirlwind experience. Had they identified about the monkey assaults on the seashore, they would not have gone.
It is price noting that monkey assaults on vacationers aren’t uncommon in Thailand and visitors are advised to exercise warning and keep away from feeding or approaching the animals..

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