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The Japanese have spent the past 60 years promoting a message of peace in the world. Unfortunately for one young Thai man, traces of the Samurai warrior ethic can nonetheless be found among the many legions of salarymen toiling away in offices in Bangkok. In the early hours of August 17, Pol Lt Kiatsak Kasikun, the obligation officer at Khlong Tan Police Station in Bangkok, acquired a name that somebody had fallen, or had maybe been pushed – the details have been, and stay, unclear – from a excessive building. When he arrived on the scene, Lt Kiatsak discovered the physique of a younger man, later recognized as Suphon Choothong, a 25-year-old from Phitsanuloke, sporting only a T-shirt and a pair of underpants. Suphon’s pants, considerably mysteriously, were mendacity about a meter away from his body. Next to the body a girl, Kannika Thupbucha, 32, was weeping and wailing, and when the police arrived she might take her sorrow no more and collapsed in a faint. When she came round once more, she was in such a confused state that the police determined she was unfit to provide an announcement. It was when police picked up the third person involved within the incident, 55-year-old Yasumasa Akutagawa from Japan, that the story began to make some sense. Mr Akutagawa informed police that he had been seeing K. Kannika for numerous years, and, although they lived in separate apartments, he would typically call in to see her. On the night of the incident, he defined, he had determined to pay a surprise name on his “wife”. When he turned the key and opened the door to her room, however, he saw a Thai man, wearing no pants, sitting along with her. Trouserless Suphon tried to push him out of the room and lock the door, but Mr Akutagawa, feeling his honor had been slighted, shoved him out of the way in which and barged into the room. His fury rising, he grabbed his Samurai sword – which he just happened to keep within the room – and started to chase the interloper round, slashing at him. Suphon, having the advantage of youth, was quicker than his attacker and managed to get out of the room. The pair ran down the hall with Mr Akutagawa, brandishing his sword, in hot pursuit. When they reached the end of the hall, Suphon saw that he had reached a dead finish. Faced with the selection of a 12-story drop or an enraged Japanese man wielding a Samurai sword, he determined he would quite courageous the drop. He went out of the window and tried to climb to safety, however instead slipped and fell to his death, Mr Akutagawa reported. “I can confirm that he fell all by himself. I did not push him at all,” Mr Akutagawa assured the police. The drama was not over for the evening nevertheless. A little later one other girl arrived at the scene. When she saw the body she broke down in tears and began to point at K. Luxurious , shouting that K. Kannika was liable for Suphon’s dying. The woman, Pathumthep Hongsuwan, 25, explained that she had lived with Suphon for around a year and that Suphon had just received a brand new job driving vacationers around. A month earlier she had gone to visit her family in Nong Khai for a couple of weeks and when she obtained again she dis

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