Chinese teen shocks mum by marrying her good friend, who owes 240,000 baht in debt

A Chinese mom has been left reeling after her 19 yr previous son informed her of his intentions to marry. To make issues extra shocking, the bride-to-be is none aside from the mother’s close pal. Instantly has dubbed the scenario as truly shocking.
A girl shared her heart-rending story on the ‘Anonymous Community’ area of the mirrormedia website. The woman was taken aback when her son, who had simply turned 19 and was about to start his second yr of University, all of a sudden introduced he was getting married. He told his dad and mom respectfully, but the true shocker was that he had chosen his mother’s pal to be his life partner.
Adding to the jaw-dropping revelation, the mother explained that the would-be daughter-in-law was a long-time friend of hers, whom she had not suspected of creating any romantic bond along with her son. This was until a number of months ago, when she and her husband needed to travel and the pal had volunteered to care for their son. This state of affairs led to an unexpected love story, which the mother still discovered hard to believe, reported Sanook.
“How did she entice my son? She is 41 years outdated and lacks charm, looking older than her real age by about 5 – 6 years,” she shared.
Making matters worse, it was also revealed by the mother that the woman had not solely interrupted communication between her son, husband, and her, but had also borrowed 50,000 yuan (approximately 240,000 baht), which she has not paid back. These circumstances have left the mother extraordinarily angry, resulting in hypertension.
“I blame myself for inviting the wolf into our home,” she said regretfully.
After sharing her story, netizens were equally shocked because the mother was. Some shared their opinions on the matter:
“Let them marry, however that lady ought to definitely pay you again. And make them move out after the wedding, give them no financial help.”
“Since your son is able to begin life, let him be answerable for his actions; don’t lend money to anyone ever. Let him present for his household.”
“Your young son has already determined it. Maybe in the next few years, he can reconsider.”

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