Cut and run

CHONBURI: In the latest incident involving a philandering lover, a jealous girlfriend and a pointy knife, a younger man from Petchaboon province awoke on the morning of September 4 to find to find a very personal half mendacity in a pool of blood on the floor next to his mattress. Trade secret , identified as 20-year-old Amnart Pinkratok, was rushed to the ICU ward on the Sriracha hospital by a pal, who carried the severed member in a plastic bag within the hope that medical doctors might reattach it. They couldn’t. Despite a number of hours within the operating room, the penis had been deprived of oxygen for too long and had suffered cell necrosis – the arch-enemy of all reattachment surgeons. As if that weren’t bad sufficient, poor Amnart’s testicles were also broken in the assault, although the extent of the injury was not reported – nor whether having testicles would serve a lot purpose in someone and not utilizing a penis. K. Amnart, whose title sarcastically means “power” in Thai, was described as a good-looking younger building worker who had been residing i

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