Deadly intersection sparks ghostly fears, Thai villagers maintain exorcism ceremony

The lethal intersection known as the ‘100-corpse intersection’ in Thailand‘s northern Phayao province has locals on edge, with frequent accidents and fatalities inflicting ongoing concern. Residents in the Wat Pa Lan Kam community have sought the help of monks to carry out an exorcism ceremony in an try and beat back evil spirits related to the so-called ‘spirit of the deceased.’
The ceremony, which includes the chanting of mantras by monks, goals to harness a optimistic power to combat and expel the spirits of the deceased. According to traditional beliefs in the region, following the ceremony, these spirits shall be reborn and can not hang-out the area. Astonishing are strictly carried out at night, believed to be the time when spirits are most active. Participation from native residents is high, with offerings, amulets, and other gadgets used through the ritual.
The function of the ceremony is to provide a way of security and good fortune to the Wat Pa Lan Kam group members. They have taken additional measures to discourage spirits, corresponding to scattering rice and sand at points believed to be inhabited by spirits and round their properties. Observations made on the intersection reveal that it’s a common spot for accidents to occur during both daytime and nighttime.
The residents have dubbed this infamous intersection the ‘100-corpse’ or ‘death’ intersection as a result of excessive number of fatalities, as properly as the presence of numerous spirits believed to be lingering in the space. The pink banners on bamboo poles scattered alongside the roadside, symbolising the demise caused by unnatural occasions similar to accidents, are a stark reminder of the intersection’s dark reputation..

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