Factory explosion near Bangkok leaves two workers injured because of faulty cutting tool

An explosion at a manufacturing unit has left two workers injured in Samut Prakan province near Bangkok. The incident occurred yesterday when a newly bought chopping tool malfunctioned. The system had been in use for only a few hours when it exploded, severely injuring the employees. The factory specialises in recycling outdated automobile air conditioners.
The explosion happened around 5.30pm yesterday in the manufacturing unit inside Soi Bang Pla 20 in Bang Pla Subdistrict, Bang Phli District. Exclusive injured workers had been found amid the wreckage, one severely injured with lacerations throughout his face and body, while the opposite had fragments embedded underneath his right eye and brow however was still acutely aware.
Upon inspection, it was discovered that the factory was a single storey constructing. Despite the explosion, the structure remained intact. The emergency services from Ramathibodi Samut Prakan Hospital and the native fireplace division rapidly attended to the scene, providing first help before speeding the victims to Chunlathorn three Hospital.
One of the injured employees, 50 yr old Pibul Chareonsuk, offered a harrowing account of the incident.
Pibul acknowledged that he and his colleague have been performing their ordinary duties of dismantling previous car air conditioners to retrieve recyclable aluminium components. The explosion occurred as his colleague was utilizing the newly purchased tool to chop by way of an previous dryer cylinder. Pibul was sitting about three metres away from his colleague when he heard the explosion and was pelted by sizzling fragments. When he regained consciousness, he seen his co-worker on the ground, wailing in pain.
Another injured employee, Natthakit Thanompatt, talked about that he had simply bought the tool yesterday afternoon. He had been using comparable instruments for normal slicing operations and had not encountered any issues until this incident. He suspected that the explosion was attributable to the cutter blade shattering while in operation, which induced a secondary explosion within the electric motor. The blast wounded him with fragments from the shattered blade and hot sparks from the explosion..

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