High performance teaching secrets and techniques for life and enterprise

by Hayden Rhodes
I recently spent time in New Zealand and this special nation jogged my memory of fundamentals required for optimum mental and bodily efficiency – fundamentals that are necessary to be put in place so as to reside and work at your best, day in and day out.
Remember, fundamentals are very important for the long-term success of any venture, and in relation to your world, your life, and your potential, I urge you to consider that your primary life’s venture, begins with you.
When it comes to the performance of the human mind-body there are three fundamentals that New Zealand supplied in abundance to naturally boost brain-body performance.
Fresh Air
Breathing and the operate of respiratory is of major significance to a human being… wouldn’t you agree? We don’t do very well without it, do we? Perhaps a few minutes at most. New Zealand jogged my memory how re-vitalising it is to breathe fresh clear air each day. I urge you to search out areas where you reside that permit your physiological methods to breathe in the very source that retains you alive. This alone will enhance your thoughts and physique and has instant constructive results on your entire being.
Clean Water
If you want to expertise beautiful crystal clear, recent water simply head to the mountain rivers within the South Island of New Zealand. Clean water nourishes and rejuvenates the natural world, and I would argue we’re a part of that world. How long are you capable to go without water… a number of days? Perhaps one week? Water retains us and our earth alive, so goal to eat clean water each day so as to have the ability to constantly perform at your best.
Outdoor Movement
New Zealanders love and respect Mother Nature and are available rain, hail or shine they get outdoors and embrace transferring in nature. Golf, gardening, hiking, sailing, rugby, climbing, surfing, the listing is infinite, and everybody pursuing movement outdoors seem to get pleasure from it. People are smiling, people are laughing and get this – persons are embracing actual social interaction! If you wish to perform at your best, get exterior and move! Hopefully in Cancel anytime with pals, ingesting high quality clear water & surrounded with nature.

Hayden Rhodes, Club Manager RPM Health Club, Phuket, Master Performance Coach & International Wellness Speaker

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