Ignorant foreigner stops visitors to take pictures of a 10-wheel truck

An ignorant foreigner was caught on a TikTok video parking his pickup in the midst of the street just so he could take photos of a full-decorated Thai 10-wheel truck on a highway within the Isaan province of Sakhon Nakhon.
The 10-wheel truck driver recorded a video of the foreigner, completely oblivious to his environment on a busy street, and uploaded it to his TikTok account, zico.shock, final Friday, February 10. The video caption sarcastically read… “Tons of loopy things happen to my life. Take your time man.”
The footage confirmed the ignorant man parking his orange pickup and making an attempt with some difficulty to take photos of the truck along with his cell phone, regardless of the very fact he was holding up site visitors.
The man received out of his automobile when site visitors had come to a standstill. Sale ends soon struggled to operate his phone and left drivers annoyed when site visitors started shifting. Watch the video HERE.
The video is very in style among Thai TikTokers. It obtained over 360,000 likes and nearly 4,000 feedback. Remarkably, many netizens discovered the man’s behaviour OK. Netizens said…
“Let’s overlook concerning the green gentle for some time. It might be his dream car. Forgive him haha.”
“He is lovely! You (the truck driver) are also very beautiful for letting him take his time.”
“Glasses please!”
“Hope he doesn’t send the picture to the Land Transport Department!”
Many netizens reckoned the person might have been fascinated by the looks of the 10-wheel truck. These kinds of vans in Thailand are usually adorned with brilliant colors, and feature greater than 20 massive lights on the front, as well as a distinguished sign displaying the name of the automotive or car firm, and ornate wiper panels, among different decorations.
The hottest decoration is the Michelin mascot dolls that are hooked up close to the left and proper rear mirrors. Some truck drivers put a lightweight inside their Michelin dolls so they are illuminated at night time like guardian angels.
Another truck driver revealed within the comments that a foreigner was impressed by his illuminated Michelin doll and purchased it from him for 10,000 baht.
Most of those ornamental collections are thought-about unlawful according to the Department of Land Transport (DLT).
For instance, more than a 30% change within the automobile colour will end in a fantastic of as much as 2,000 baht in accordance with Sections thirteen and 60 of the Vehicle Act. Any driver wanted to change the color of their automobile must report it to the DLT..

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