Man accused by Chinese government of 5.6 billion baht fraud arrested in Phuket

A 55 year old Chinese man was apprehended in a villa in Rawai, Phuket, following an arrest warrant issued by the Chinese government. The man is accused of fabricating paperwork to safe a bootleg loan, inflicting the Chinese authorities to suffer losses of around 1.133 billion yuan (approximately 5.6 billion baht).
This news was revealed during a press conference on the Immigration Bureau headquarters in Nonthaburi yesterday. Immigration Bureau Chief Pol Lt Gen Phakphumphiphat Sujjapan presided over the event. It was revealed that the Bureau received notification in regards to the needed individual from the Chinese government by way of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China firstly of the month.
Gao, who had entered Thailand by way of Phuket on September 5, was discovered to have used a Thailand Privilege Card to achieve entry. This card granted him a one-year keep, valid till September 3, 2024. However, upon receiving the warrant from the Chinese authorities, the immigration officers requested permission from Pol Lt Gen Phakphumphiphat to revoke Gao’s permit, given the intense expenses he was dealing with. They also sought to put him on a watch listing, reported The Phuket News.
Investigation led the officers to a villa in Rawai, where Gao was residing. A search warrant was procured from the Phuket Provincial Court, allowing officers to inspect the premises. While no unlawful objects were found during the search, Gao was taken into custody due to the request of the Chinese government.
Upon interrogation, it was revealed that Gao had been living together with his family members within the villa. Gao confessed to being the person sought by the Chinese government, as stated in the arrest warrant. Following this, Gao was knowledgeable that his permit to remain in Thailand had been cancelled. He was subsequently moved to the Immigration Bureau Region 3 headquarters in Bangkok for further authorized proceedings.
Confessions confirmed that Gao had not committed any offences while in Thailand, however was being held solely for the costs filed by the Chinese authorities..

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