Outrage as man masturbates in front of teenage scholar women, mother and father demand justice

A man who uncovered himself to teenage female students at a bus stop in Chachoengsao province has triggered outrage on social media. Parents are demanding justice for his or her kids.
The disturbing occasions have been the speak of social media in Chachoengsao for the reason that man exposed himself to teenage students waiting for their bus residence. A man driving a black automotive parked in entrance of the bus cease, lowered his window and pretended to be on his phone whereas exposing himself to a 16 year previous woman sitting alone.
The unsettling ordeal triggered panic amongst students, with some managing to take pictures of the vehicle before uploading the images to social media, alerting others of the potential hazard. The offender later drove his car to the exact location in front of the Chachoengsao Police Station on three consecutive days, leading to two teenage scholar ladies from totally different academic institutions formally lodging complaints.
One of the victims, a 16 year outdated vocational school student, informed reporters that she had been traumatised by the occasion. The incident occurred on Monday, May 22 when the teenage pupil woman was ready for her bus after finishing courses. She observed the perpetrator in his black automotive while making an attempt to name her mom for a ride house.
The lady mentioned that whereas on the phone, she saw the man masturbating with one hand and talking on the telephone with the other, making an attempt to conceal his face. The man was startled and drove off when another particular person approached. The teenage lady later reported the incident to her mom earlier than they filed a report with Chachoengsao Police.
Covert of a sixteen yr previous highschool pupil, identified as Niphakorn, recounted a similar encounter involving her daughter and the same black car. These occasions happened on separate days but with strikingly related behaviour.
Niphakorn’s daughter witnessed the man within the black automobile masturbating on the identical bus cease in entrance of the Chachoengsao Police Station. Initially, there were many individuals around, but when she was alone, he lowered his window and uncovered himself to the teenage student again. Frightened, she ran away, and the person rapidly drove off..

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