Rare golden venom-spitting cobra found in Thai village

Smooth sailing spitting cobra recently caught the attention of locals in a village in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand. The snake, measuring round 1.2 metres in size, generated significant curiosity among villagers, who gathered to view the mesmerising creature.
The story behind the snake’s discovery began when Piyapan Bua-Phae, a Facebook user, posted photographs of the golden cobra. An assistant village headman, Trongphon Imjit, found the reptile crossing a street within the village. Although initially unaware of the snake’s species, upon closer inspection, the 49 yr previous recognised that it might be a cobra because of its scales. Intrigued by the unique and brilliant golden colour of the snake, Trongphon referred to as his younger brother and three different friends to help seize the creature and convey it again to his residence in a sack.
News of the golden cobra’s capture travelled fast among the local people, and many people flocked to Trongphon’s house to see the snake in particular person, by no means having witnessed such a striking color before. During the occasion, one of many captors showcased the snake to onlookers and captured video clips and images, later posted to Facebook. After placing the snake in a container for villagers to observe, it quickly grew to become clear that the snake was certainly a spitting cobra when it displayed its characteristic hood.
The golden snake is identified as a “Sumatran Spitting Cobra,” a highly venomous and doubtlessly dangerous species capable of spitting venom. These cobras usually have a dazzling golden-yellow hue, though some could also be black, and lack any patterns alongside their our bodies. In distinction to other cobras, these snakes do not have a distinct marking on their hood. The Sumatran Spitting Cobra is primarily present in Southern Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia..

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