Rare two-headed calf born in Thai village hailed as divine omen

A two-headed calf, with 4 eyes, 4 ears, and four legs, has been born to a household in Don Raed village, Thailand. The unusual creature, initially discarded in the water, was later retrieved and revered as a divine omen, following an old man’s dream.
Improved uncovered the astonishing story of a neighborhood family within the village of Non Sais, Don Raed. One day earlier, fifty two yr previous Sanguan Srigaew, became the proprietor of a peculiar calf born to a brown cow named Kathok. The calf had two heads, four ears, 4 eyes, and four legs, initially regarded as stillborn. The household disposed of the carcass in a nearby water reservoir and thought no more of the bizarre event.
That identical day, an 83 year outdated village elder named Chan Dee Kambai dreamt of a person in a white go well with telling him to buy lottery ticket number fifty nine in a forthcoming draw. The dream also instructed the man to retrieve the two-headed calf and bury it at their house. This was not Chan Dee Kambai’s first prophetic dream involving the calf, he had dreamt of a two-headed calf being born as soon as before and had shared his dream with his grandchildren.
The village elder informed the family about his dream and urged them to retrieve the discarded calf from the water. Sanguan, the calf’s owner, took immediate action, retrieving the calf and placing it in a white fabric for burial. They held a funeral for the weird creature at their home and ready to construct a shrine in its honour.
Sanguan Srigaew, the calf’s proprietor, added that on the afternoon of June 19, his cow Kathok was about to offer delivery. He and a few neighbours assisted in the delivery, however the calf’s head remained caught inside the mom. At around 6pm, they sought assist from a veterinarian, who was able to ship the calf, revealing its uncommon two-headed kind, reported Sanook..

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