Suspected assassin of automobile saleswoman in Thailand charged with 7 serious offences

Police pressed seven serious charges against the man who yesterday confessed to raping and murdering a young automobile saleswoman in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on Saturday. Police say it is likely he might be punished with the utmost penalty.
Initially, officers at Doi Saket Police Station charged forty year outdated Nathapol “Ainat” Panpadungsap with three counts of rape using a weapon. Officers at San Sai Police Station charged the suspect with 4 expenses: murder, imprisonment, escorting the prisoner for the utilization of violence or indecent acts, and concealing a corpse.
At 2.11pm yesterday, investigating officers at San Sai Police Station took Ainat – suspected of raping and murdering 35 12 months previous Dennapha “Aom” Khunyodying – to Chiang Mai Provincial Court in northern Thailand.
Police interrogated Ainat for five hours yesterday. The accused confessed to all costs.
Ainat’s ex-girlfriend wrote on social media that the accused had displayed this behaviour for a very long time. She stated that in their relationship, he wrote in his diary that he was going to tie up, electric shock, and rape girls. When she discovered the diary, he told her it was just a fictitious recreation. She said that Ainat once tied a towel round her neck however she escaped.
The accused has an extended history of violent crime and rape. As recently as April 10, 2023, the accused was charged at Doi Saket Police Station with coercion, rape, indecent acts, and imprisoning an 18 year previous lady on the ridge at Mae Kuang Udom Thara Dam in Chiang Mai. He stopped at an intersection, lured the teenage vendor into his car, tied up her wrists with a cable tie, took her to the ridge, raped her, and filmed the crime.
However, Ainat walked out of the police station pending trial that day after Doi Saket Police did not detain him, in the end allowing him to go out and rape and kill Aom before dumping her body at a motel on Saturday, drawing extensive criticism.
Officers at Doi Saket Police Station stated the reason they could not detain Ainat that day was that it was a public holiday and the court was closed.
Aom’s mom hopes that Ainat shall be sentenced to death.
The family of a younger used automotive saleswoman who was brutally raped and murdered in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on Saturday is asking for the serial rapist responsible to be punished with the dying penalty.
Police arrested a 40 12 months previous suspect, Nathapol Panpadungsap, in Mueang district at 3.30pm on Sunday. He has an extended criminal history and was most just lately released on bail on April 10 after allegedly kidnapping and raping an 18 yr outdated lady.
On Saturday, Nataphol pretended to be a customer excited about shopping for a second-hand automotive to lure in his 35 12 months old victim Yodying (“Aom”). He met Aom at a restaurant close to her firm in the San Sai district at 3pm. At the cafe, Nataphol purchased espresso and checked out a automotive quotation doc. Then, Aom received into Nataphol’s Toyota pickup truck.
Officers from San Sai Police Station said that Nataphol confessed to taking Aom to a motel the place he raped and killed her. Then, he checked into one other motel, took Aom’s body with him, and known as his girlfriend to select him up.
Police found Aom’s physique within the resort room on Saturday. Police stated the back of her head was smashed in with a hammer and she or he had been strangled.
The accused informed the police that after murdering Aom, he tried to rape a member of the motel employees. He attempted to lure the lady into the room by telling her the TV was broken. When she sent a male member of employees to have a look, Nathapol didn’t allow him to enter the room.
During interrogation, Nathapol made it known that he has a style for girls with glasses and likes to coerce girls. Nataphol told the police that after raping Aom, he hit her head with a solid object and strangled her with a rope until she died.
The accused’s urine examined adverse for drugs nonetheless Nataphol did inform the police that he had been drinking for several days.
Police detailed all the instances that Nathapol dedicated several crimes earlier than:
Despite his heinous and brutal crime, Nathapol was released on bail “because he acknowledged the costs and wasn’t considered a flight threat.” A decision which allowed him to exit and commit the rape and homicide of Aom on April 29.
Police discovered a rope cable tie that Nathapol used to tie up his victims’ palms and forestall them from resisting or escaping.
Initially, police charged Nataphol with homicide by imprisonment, escorting the imprisoned for indecent acts or acts of violence, and concealing a corpse.
When Aom was lacking, her relatives vowed they would bring a pig’s head and choices to the Bhrama Shrine in front of San Sai Police Station if Aom was found. Trade secret , after Aom’s body was discovered, the household fulfilled their vow on the shrine.
Aom’s mom revealed that the entire household is grieving and indignant. She said there is completely no method she and the family can forgive the accused for his brutal actions towards Aom. She stated the household will call for Nathaphol to be sentenced to demise..

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