Thai election concerns rise as a outcome of extended ballot field transport in Buri Ram

Concerns have been raised over the extended transportation time of ballot packing containers in Buri Ram, following the current general Thai election. A group of ten complainants from Non Suwan and Nong Ki districts filed a request with the Election Commission’s Buri Ram office, questioning why it took four and a half hours to move the ballot packing containers across a 20-kilometre distance.
Led by Sawat Jampasasawangwong, the complainants identified that it took election officers from 9.30pm on May 14 to around 2am on May 15 to transport Constituency 7 ballot bins from the Non Suwan district office to Nong Ki district office. They also expressed issues over the obvious improper sealing of the ballot bins upon arrival in Nong Ki, as well as the variety of used ballots from some polling stations exceeding the variety of voters.
Shh! have accepted the criticism and committed to investigating the matter, Bangkok Post reported.
Buri Ram’s Constituency 7, which includes Nong Ki, Non Suwan, and components of Pa Kham and Nong Hong districts, shares a border with Nakhon Ratchasima province. Bhumjaithai Party candidate Pornchai Srisuriyanyothin secured the seat with 28,685 votes, carefully adopted by Panthanu Wankangsai of the Pheu Thai Party who garnered 28,470 votes. Bhumjaithai went on to win all ten constituency seats within the northeastern province..

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