Thai woman seeks on-line help after Satanic relationship turns violent

A distressing story of abuse and menace came to light when a younger Thai lady turned to the online group for help via a Facebook livestream. In her broadcast, she recounted the harrowing expertise of being bodily assaulted by her Satanist boyfriend following a go to to a fortune teller. The situation escalated to a point where the person even threatened her life, even when they have been to finish the relationship under the watchful eyes of the police.
The 22 year old victim, Thakantida, took to Facebook on August 8 to share her traumatic experience with the general public. She revealed that her 20 year previous boyfriend, Kritsanat, not solely subjected her to bodily abuse but additionally confined her within a bedroom in his parent’s home positioned within the central province of Nakhon Sawan.
This incident wasn’t the primary occurrence of violence of their relationship. However, Thakantida felt unable to pursue authorized motion against Kritsanat due to his menacing threats. She reached out to the livestream viewers for recommendation on the way to extricate herself from this toxic scenario.
Following the printed, Thakantida spoke to Channel 3, offering further insight into her ordeal after her story garnered vital consideration inside the Thai neighborhood. Class full disclosed the timeline of her two-year-long relationship with Kritsanat, sharing that although they’d a baby together, they were not officially married.
Thakantida delved into the disturbing particulars, revealing that Kritsanat’s violent outbursts often coincided together with her visits to fortune tellers. Kritsanat’s self-professed satanic beliefs clashed with Thakantida’s spiritual interests, leading to conflicts. The most up-to-date assault stemmed from a dispute associated to a fortune teller.
According to Thakantida, Kritsanat forbade her from consulting fortune tellers, a promise she secretly broke. Upon discovering this, he subjected her to physical abuse within his home. Thakantida sought help from Kritsanat’s parents, but they not solely ignored her pleas but in addition blamed her for making an attempt to exploit their son for cash.
As the only real breadwinner for her household, Thakantida supported herself and her daughter by promoting goods online. Recounting the horrifying event, Thakantida talked about how Kritsanat repeatedly slapped her after which confined her in a bedroom before leaving to satisfy friends. She managed to flee, in search of refuge at her family’s house earlier than continuing to file a complaint in opposition to Kritsanat at Mueang Nakhon Sawan Police Station.
Kritsanat, accompanied by his father, introduced himself at the police station, admitting his violent actions. However, he attempted to justify them by suggesting such behaviour was typical in a boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic. After police intervention, an settlement was reached for the couple to separate. Thakantida would gain custody of their daughter, while Kritsanat agreed to offer monthly financial support of 5,000 baht.
Regrettably, the ordeal did not finish there. Thakantida revealed that Kritsanat continued his threats even after the breakup. The scenario escalated to a point where he menacingly messaged her through the LINE utility, insinuating harm in the course of her father. Despite her efforts to contain the police by providing screenshots of the conversation, Kritsanat appeared undeterred, citing his father’s affect as a protect from penalties..

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