US woman unleashes “pawsome” energy, fights off bear with bare hands to save pet canine

A sixty four 12 months outdated woman from Maine, USA, hit headlines across the globe when she fought off a bear together with her bare hands to protect her pet canine. The lady lives close to the border of New Hampshire and was left with injuries to her hand however miraculously, she and her pet survived the ordeal.
Lynn Kelly was working in her yard when her dog abruptly started barking and sprinted in the direction of the woods.
Savings ran after my canine, calling for it. Eventually, the dog got here running again, but right behind the dog was a bear.
“The bear looked at me and I appeared on the bear. I thought we’d both be afraid of one another.”
The stunning event was reported by the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department of Maine, reported KhaoSod.
The department revealed that Kelly went toe to toe with the bear.
“When the bear stood on its hind legs, Kelly tried to face taller. She then punched the bear in the nose.”
The bear then bit Kelly on the best hand and left a puncture wound on her left wrist. After the confrontation, the bear let go of her and ran back into the forest. Kelly quickly notified the authorities and was taken to an area hospital for therapy of her wounds. She has since returned house and importantly, her canine was unhurt.
The bear involved in the incident has not been seen since. Staff have set traps in an try and capture it. The Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department of Maine has issued advice to the public to ‘maintain a distance’ if they encounter a bear and to “not disturb the bear.”

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