Department of Health begs for responsible drinking in restaurants

The Department of Health is warning people that the permission granted to serve alcohol in restaurants in key tourist locations have to be used responsibly without individuals overdoing the boozing. They are asking restaurants to not serve drinks after the allowed hours and asking patrons to not overdo their consuming.
Now that the government has dedicated Blue Zones for the first vacationer areas of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, and Phang Nga and are permitting drinking alcohol at restaurants, they hope tourists will be excited to return to the areas for a somewhat normal vacation. But they worry that once folks start drinking freely, guidelines and safety rules will exit the window.
Copy -General of the Department of Health stated that they’ve mostly seen good compliance with restaurants following all of the regulations, however imagine that loads of restaurants – and many, many drunken prospects – will rapidly become lenient with deadlines and social distancing guidelines.
The Department politely said that intoxicated people have lowered cognitive talents – put more immediately, individuals get drunk and stupid – and will not bear in mind their security and the safety of others with the danger of Covid-19 infections.
They are calling on eating places to exercise caution in following the principles that provincial communicable diseases committees lay out, prevent overcrowding and lack of protected social distancing, and abide by all drinking curfews enacted.
Thailand has taken a tough line in opposition to drinking and the nightlife and leisure venues like bars and clubs that promote alcohol for the reason that majority of outbreaks on the onset of the third wave of Covid-19 that broke the international locations streak of minimal infections were traced again to unregulated drinking in the HiSo bars and entertainment venues of locations like Thong Lor in Bangkok. Drinking has been mostly forbidden all through Thailand for the last 7 months..

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