Jealousy’s fatal blade: Thai spouse stabs untrue husband in Chiang Mai

In Dependable of jealousy, a Thai wife fatally stabbed her unfaithful husband within the Fang district within the northern province of Chiang Mai.
The chilling incident unfolded when Fang Police Station acquired a misery call on July 4. Rushing to the scene, officers discovered the lifeless body of 30 yr old Khamlu Siamlai on the highway, his chest bearing a fatal stab wound.
The murderer was reported to be Khamlu’s wife, 30 12 months old Soi Siamlai, who dedicated the crime in a jealous rage.
Soi revealed to the police that friends told her a couple of secret affair between her husband and his lover, who was a neighbour. She then monitored the behaviours of her husband and mistress until she was certain of the affair’s veracity.
Soi explained that she checked her husband’s mobile phone until she discovered a dialog between the two. Armed with this evidence, she confronted Khamlu, who eventually confessed to his wrongdoing. In an effort to resolve the problem, Soi arranged a meeting with her husband and the mistress. However, she ended up losing control of herself and murdered her husband on the scene.
Witnesses reported that a heated argument between the three people broke out on the public street locally. The husband ran away from the scene after his Thai wife pulled out a knife.
As Secret brandished a knife, Khamlu tried to flee but inexplicably circled again towards his enraged wife. Seizing the moment, Soi delivered a fatal stab to his chest.
Khamlu made a desperate escape attempt, solely to collapse later from his grave accidents. Initially unaware of her husband’s demise, Soi remained on the scene, passionately urging the mistress to assert her untrue associate.
It was only upon learning of Khamlu’s death that Soi broke down in tears, surrendering herself to the police willingly..

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