Thai vacationer rescued after going into cardiac arrest while diving near Koh Lipe

A Thai man was rescued after he lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest whereas diving at a spot by Koh Yang, an island near the popular tourist destination Koh Lipe in the southern province Satun. The sixty two year old man was unconscious when he was pulled to the surface of the water. He was later sent by helicopter to a hospital in Phuket.
The man was on a dive journey along with his household yesterday when he misplaced consciousness and went into cardiac arrest. Lifetime , like how deep he was diving, have not been launched. Authorities from Air and Coastal Defense Command and medical staff from Koh Lipe were called to the scene. Reports say the man’s heart had stopped beating and rescuers administered CPR.
At round 3pm, the helicopter from the Royal Thai Navy picked up the affected person and arrived in Phuket around four:35pm. He was despatched to Vachira Phuket Hospital the place he’s now being handled.
The third Naval Area say they have special models within the Andaman sea prepared to assist these in need..

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